I-X: Technology for Intelligent Systems

I-X is a systems integration architecture. Its design is based on the O-Plan agent architecture. I-X provides an issue-handling style of architecture, with reasoning and functional capabilities provided as plug-ins. Also via plug-ins it allows for sophisticated constraint management, and a wide range of communications and visualisation capabilities. I-X agents may be combined in various ways, and may interwork with other processing capabilities or architectures.

The I-X Technology programme has 5 aspects:
  1. Systems Integration - A broad vision of an open architecture for the creation of intelligent systems for synthesis tasks (such as planning, design and configuration) based on the handling of "issues" and the management or maintenance of the constraints describing the product of the process.
  2. Representation - a core notion of the representation of a synthesis process and the product(s) of such processes as a set of nodes making up the process or product, along with constraints on the relationship between those nodes, a set of outstanding issues, and annotations related to these - <I-N-C-A> - Issues, Nodes, (Critical and Auxiliary) Constraints and Annotations. Engagement with various standards setting groups is a part of this work.
  3. Reasoning - the provision of reusable reasoning and constraint or model management capabilities.
  4. User Interfaces - to understand user roles in performing collaborative activities and to provide generic modules which present the state of the processes they are engaged in, their relationships to others and the status of the artefacts/products they are working with.
  5. Applications - work in various application sectors which will seek to create generic approaches (I-Tools) for the various types of Task in which users may engage.

One way in which I-X Technlogy is delivered is via I-X Process Panels - I-P2 - See the I-X Process Panel Technology Profile.

View a talk by Austin Tate on I-X at IHMC (3-Apr-2003 55 minutes), produced by IHMC [Abstract, Quicktime Format, MPEG-4 Format]
If the video does not play, you may download the MPEG-4 version and play locally.

The "I" in I-X, I-Technology, reflects the following:

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