Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid

Simon Buckingham Shum (KMi, Open University) [Contact:]
David De Roure (IAM, University of Southampton)
Marc Eisenstadt (KMi, Open University)
Nigel Shadbolt (IAM, University of Southampton)
Austin Tate (AIAI, University of Edinburgh) 

The Advanced Knowledge Technologies Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (AKT IRC: is a 6 year, £7M project to develop knowledge management technologies, funded by the UK’s EPSRC. The related CoAKTinG project, recently funded as part of the UK’s e-Science Initiative on Grid computing [], aims to integrate and adapt AKT technologies specifically to support distributed scientific collaboration. As part of the AKT project’s conception of the convergence of knowledge technologies and grid computing as the Semantic Grid [], CoAKTinG will provide tools to assist scientific collaboration by integrating intelligent meeting spaces, ontologically annotated media streams from online meetings, decision rationale and group memory capture, meeting facilitation, planning and coordination support, scholarly argumentation, and instant messaging/presence.

These approaches are summarised below:

In the paper and presentation, we will present a scenario in which these tools are combined to support scientific collaboration of various types.


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