I-VW - Intelligent Virtual Worlds
Real Intelligence for Virtual Worlds

  I-VW (pronounced "eye-view") is a new collaborative research venture from the artificial intelligence specialists in the School of Informatics at the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue). They are working to bring intelligent systems into virtual worlds and to make productive use of them as the next step of the development of the Internet and its use for the good of mankind.

The team is already one of the most active across a range of the emerging Virtual Worlds platforms having beta-tested a wide range of platforms, and helped hundreds of groups and people get their initial foothold in the new territories of the Internet. An evaluation methodology to investigate the potential of virtual worlds for practical uses is being developed as part of the I-VW programme. The team have especially concentrated on intelligent collaborative systems in Virtual Worlds, e.g. the I-Room.

Subscriptions for active membership of this exciting new international initiative will shortly be open.


The programme's themes are to be refined and confirmed on a cyclic basis by the programme steering board appointed from the membership. Initial work is focused on a number of research themes:

Potential Applications:
  • Virtual collaboration centre
  • Business teleconferencing
  • Team Meetings for projects, products or reviews
  • Product Help Desks
  • Design to Product - product lifecycle workflow support
  • Environmental, building and plant monitoring centre
  • Health and safety at work, disability awareness
  • Intelligent greeters and guides
  • Active demonstration pavilions

Projects to date:

Virtual University of Edinburgh Vue Informatics Prospekt  
I-Room for the Games Industry Slam Games Informatics Prospekt ERDF
Whisky Tutorial Room & Tour Whisky Shop Beattie Communications Informatics Prospekt ERDF
InSpace InSpace   AIAI
Homeland Security     AIAI
Emergency Response
Multinational Planning Augmentation Team

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