Common Process Assistant (CPA)

The CPA is a prolog-based tool for analysing process knowledge. CPE and CDE communicate with the tool via a defined socket-based protocol. Currently, it can evaluate temporal relationships by mapping the timepoint-based representation into an interval logic and reasoning about legal transitive interval relationships.

Running CPA

CPA can be executed from a command prompt in the installed directory: "./cpa" once a SICStus prolog interpreter has been installed. See the "{target dir}/docs/papers/" directory for the CPE or CDE users guide which provides detailed information for interfacing with the CPA. While the CPA is running it simple awaits commands on a specified port (see figure 1). Diagnosed errors with explanations are sent back to the tools for user browsing. To stop CPA, enter (Control-C) and then "e" to end.

Figure 1 - The Common Process Assistant


The CPA is written in prolog and requires a prolog interpreter for execution. Currently we are using SICStus Release 3 #5. The CPA server uses modules for socket communication and list processing. See for obtaining a copy of SICStus.

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Last updated 7 October 1998
by Steve Polyak